Je wilt de volgende vraag rapporteren aan de redactie:

blackblossom - 29-07-2010 21:32:35
Geldzaken & Recht

Buitenlandse partij eist naamsverandering wegens te grote overeekomsten?

Even ter aanvulling...

ik vroeg haar, zo heppieherbi of happyhurby een probleem zijn? volgens haar we ze stuurt dit:

i'll have to ask my lawyer, but i'm certain those would still be an issue because the likeness and idea is so similar. why not try to create something more original? it is best to distinguish yourself anyway.

maybe try dutchherbi?

i understand that you personally do not feel it is confusing, but it is and would be confusing to other people. my fans call themselves "happy herbis" and i am "happy herbivore" someone could easily mistake "happy_herbi" and this it is me, or something to do with me, or something to do with my fans. this risk of confusion is what makes it a trademark infringement.

this mess is why trademark and copyright laws exist in the first place. i encourage you to visit the link i provided that explains trademark infringement.