Je wilt de volgende vraag rapporteren aan de redactie:

blackblossom - 29-07-2010 23:01:28
Geldzaken & Recht

Buitenlandse partij eist naamsverandering wegens te grote overeekomsten?

The european trademark is pending and it doesn't have to be registered anyway; my long-term use of happy herbivore still gives me the rights to sue you for copyright infringement. plus you're using it on an american website, facebook - and twitter, so all i need is u.s. anyway. your attorney should have known that.

my attorney, who specializes in trademarks, suggests you use

gerne pflanzenfresser

it would make the most sense, considering your site is primarily in german.

we have started the process for your account to be deleted with facebook and twitter at your request. if you wish to continue to misappropriate my likeness, we will begin legal proceedings immediately.

please forward your attorney's contact information.