Je wilt de volgende vraag rapporteren aan de redactie:

blackblossom - 30-07-2010 19:37:10
Geldzaken & Recht

Buitenlandse partij eist naamsverandering wegens te grote overeekomsten?

Hier de reactie van lindsay op de goede mail van arnoud, de merkenadvocaat:

"what your attorney fails to see is that you're using it on facebook - which is an american company/social platform etc; so even if you're in holland you are breaching my common law us trademark rights through facebook and twitter... and mind you, your attorney pointed out that i have a trademark infringement claim against in the the u.s. under the common law... so you appear to be the ass, not me.

also, i've received emails from a xxx domain, which i've flagged as spam. if you or anyone else you're associated with is trying to send me information -- it must come from a actual domain and valid email address, otherwise it's disregard and marked appropriately as spam and thus, not received.

i'll leave the rest of this up to my lawyer and her expertise. this situation is not worth my time, as you pointed out, you are a no body... it's just a shame and a testament to your character how unoriginal you are. here in america, we call people like you douches. i hope that translates in dutch.

the kind of person you are really shows. hope that is not representative of the dutch.

ik heb trouwens geen idee waar ze t over heeft, betreft dat xxxdomein